Marilyn Ann Owens


"Still Life"

I have completed:

- A public commission for Fagerli Family Centre, Larvik, 2017
Foil designs on glass.

- An art project,
-"Route M1", oil and pen and ink sketches, at Gallery Hi10, Spriten Kunsthall, Skien, 2017


Fagerli FamilyCentre, Larvik



"Route M1, Skjelsvik Terminal"


Katalog "Memento Mori"





My present work.

I work with painting, drawing, printmaking and photography.
My latest work concerns landscape/seascape, usually empty or showing traces of landmarks, shelters and boundaries. I often work in series. My intention is to capture the essential qualities of a scene with the minimum of information. The art works balance between the concrete and the narrative, often with an element of underlying surrealism.

My most recent project was an exhibition, “Broken Boats and Tangled Waters”, (2019) based upon a two month Artist in Residency period (2018) in the lighthouse keeper’s house on Jomfruland, an island lying off the South West coast of Norway. The project consisted of black and white photographs, graphite and oil pastel drawings and small oil sketches. The main theme of the work centres on the Norwegian Folklore stories of two supernatural beings: Nøkken and Draugen. Nøkken lives in inland waters, small lakes and rivers, whereas Draugen’s home is the sea. They both kill their victims by drowning. The rumour is that Nøkken lives in the lake next to the Lighthouse keeper’s house on Jomfruland and Draugen is responsible for all shipwrecks and storms off the coast.

The small oil sketches from this project were shown again in the exhibition, “Land, Sea and Sky”, in Wald, Porsgrunn which was a part of a larger art project, “Greenlightdistrict”, that focused upon sea pollution. (2019).

Previous recent projects have been about local public transport, both by bus, “Route M1” and by ferry, “Island hopping in the Langesund Fjord”.

My present project concerns Tangen Fort in Langesund. “Closed Doors, but Open Skies”. This project will be shown in Galleri POP, Langesund in November, 2020, and will include drawings and photography.

About myself

mary owens

Born and educated in County Durham, England.

Came to Norway in 1972.

Debut in Newcastle, England in 1972 and in Trondheim Kunstforening, Norway, in 1976.

Returned to England in 1977–78.

Lived and worked in Ras- al – Kaimah, UAE, 1984–87.

Two study trips to Beijing, China, 2004 and 2006.

Study trips to the North East Coast, England, 2002, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Study trip to Orkney Islands 2014
Study trip to Mongolia 2014
Study trip to Minneapolis, USA. 2015.
Study trip to Faero Islands 2017