Marilyn Ann Owens


(Updated September 2019)


Visual artist

Born: Durham, England, 1950
Private Address: Trosvikvegen 61, 3950 Brevik, Norway.
Mobile: 91 57 43 05

Oslo University, Norway. B.A. in History of Art, History and English 1989 - 1995
Newcastle University, England, PGCE Art Education. 1977 – 1978
Sunderland University, England, B.A.hons. in Fine Art. 1968 – 1972

Public Collections (a selection):
The National Gallery, Oslo; The National Museum of Contemporary Art; The Norwegian Art Council; Skien Municipality; Telemark County; Sør-Trøndelag County; Troms County; Porsgrunn Municipality.

Private Collections (a selection):

Furuholmen Invest A/S; Oslo; Hydro Factories, Porsgrunn; Statoil, Gulfaks A/ Gullfaks B.

Public Commissions:
Fagerli Family Centre, Larvik, foil on glass, 2015-16; Bø Geriatric Hospital, Telemark, six oil paintings and foil on glass, 2014-15; Skien Sports and Leisure Centre, Skien, foil on glass, 2012, 2008; Bakkane Geriatric Hospital, Skien, 2 paintings and foil design on glass , 2006-07;Tveten Secondary School (floor design), Porsgrunn, 2002; Kragerø High School, Kragerø, 1993; Bamble High School, Bamble, 1986; Telemark County Psychiatric Hospital (painting) 2003, (prints) 1993.

Solo Exhibitions / Art Projects:
2020, Galleri POP, Langesund. A project, “Closed Doors but Open Skies” concerning Tangen Fort in Langesund.
2019, “Land, Sea and Sky”, paintings. Wald, Porsgrunn. Greenlightdistrict Project.
2019, “Broken Boats and Tangled Waters”, paintings/drawings/photo. Jomfruland Artist in Residency, Kragerø Kunstforening.
2018, Seljord Summer Exhibition. “Markers of Time II”, etchings, paintings/photos. Shown in the “grisehuset” (Pig sty)
2017, “Island Hopping, Brevik”, Oransje, Brevik.
2017, “Route M1”, oil and pen sketches, Gallery Hi10, Spriten Kunsthall, Skien.
2016, “Horizons”, A landscape project, photos and paintings together with artist Anne Stabell, Telemark Art Centre. 2015,”Markers of Time”, Soo Visual Art Centre, Minneapolis, USA.Study trip, Minneapolis, USA 2015;  “Memento mori”, prints and stone installation, Spriten Kunsthall 2015; “Grenland`s Roses”, Telemark Art Centre, 2011;“After Technology” with Atle Selnes Nielsen, Porsgrunn Public Art Gallery 2011; “Lost in Landscape”, Gallery LNM, Oslo, 2010; Telemark Art Centre, Skien, 2009; Gallery HKR, Hamar, 2008; Gallery BOA, Oslo,2007; Gallery Oksen, Porsgrunn, 2006; Skien Public Art Gallery 2003; The Northern Norwegian Art Centre, Lofoten, 2002; Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen, 2002; Norwegian Printmakers, Oslo, 2002; Elg Gallery, Tynset, 2001; Telemark Art Centre, 2001; Goethe Institute, Oslo, 1989; Norwegian Printmakers, Oslo, 1989; Elg Gallery, Tynset, 1989; Skien Public Art Gallery, 1988; Gallery Bi-Z, Kristiansand, 1983; Tromsø Public Art Gallery, 1983; Arendal Public Art Gallery, 1983; Asker Public Art Gallery, 1983; Grimstad Public Art Gallery, 1983; Farsund Public Art Gallery, 1983; Gallery Henrik, Eidsvoll 1983; The Young Artists’ Society, Oslo, 1982; Gallery B, Porsgrunn, 1982.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019, Norwegian Printmakers 100 year jubileum, members exhibition; 2018, 9th International Printmaking Biennale in Douro, Portugal; 2017, 3rd Global Print 2017, Douro, Portugal; 2017, Annual exhibition, Telemark Art Centre; 2017, The Jomfruland Exhibition. Kragerø, Telemark;The Annual Bursary Exhibition at Telemark Art Centre, Skien; 2015,-14,-13,-12; The Regional Exhibition for Southern Norway; 2014, -13, -12, 08, 07, 06, 04, 03, 02,01, 1990, 89, 88, 84,83,82; The Jomfruland Exhibition, Kragerø, 2012; “Kunstvisitten”, Akershus kunstnersenter 2012; 40/40, The Stenersen Museum, Oslo, 2008; The Annual National Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 2009,2008,2005,1991,1986, 1985; The Regional Exhibition for Northern Norway, 2001,1998,1981; “In Honour of Henrik Ibsen”, Skien Public Art Gallery, 2003; “Posh-Art”, Porsgrunn Public Art Gallery, 2002; “North Art 2001”, Budelsdorf, Tyskland; “Global Art in Norway”, The International Culture Centre and Museum, Oslo, 1999;”Treasure Chest”, Telemark Art Centre 1998; “Eros”, Vestfold Art centre, 1998, “Mølje”, Porsgrunn Public Art Gallery, 1991; “My Latest Print”, gallery F15, Jeløya, 1991; Zeist Castle, Nederland, 1990, 1982;”Textiles and Drawing”, Telemark Art Centre, Porsgrunn, 1989; 1V Premo de Grabado Maximos, Ramos, Spania, 1987; The Nordic Printmakers’ Union, Travelling Exhibition in Norway, Finland and Denmark; “Concerning Prints”, Telemark Art Centre, Porsgrunn, 1986; The 4th. International Biennale, Lodz, Poland, 1985, Sharjah Dept. of Culture, The United Arab Emirates, 1984; “8 Norwegian Female Printmakers”, Hasselby Castle, Stockholm, Sweden, 1984;”Pictures and Poetry”, The Norwegian Printmakers’ Gallery, Oslo, 1983; “Sport and Art”, Gallery Aktuell Kunst, Oslo, 1983; “15 International”, Holsterbro Art Centre, Denmark, 1982; “ Women about Women”, The Norwegian Printmakers’ Gallery, Oslo 1982; “Landscape”, The Norwegian State’s Travelling Exhibition, 1982; Trondheim Public Art Gallery, 1976; “Figurative Art North”, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, England, 1972.

Bursaries, Scholarships and Grants:
2018, Artist in residency, Jomfruland;2016, 1-year financial support from the Association of Norwegian Artists; 2015, 2013 and 2012,Study trip grants awarded at the Annual Bursary Exhibition, Telemark Art Centre, Skien;, 2015, 1-year annual support from The Association of Norwegian Artists; 2012, 1-year annual support from the Association of Norwegian Artists; 2009 -2011,The Norwegian State 3 year annual support; 2006, 2005, 2003, 1990, support from the Association of Norwegian Visual Artists,; 2003,1982, Telemark County Council; 2004, The Harriet Backer Award; 2014, 2010, 2006, 2002 and 1999 the Norwegian Art Council’s Exhibition Grant,; The Norwegian Printmakers grant. 2002 and 1989; The Norwegian State Artists’ Materials Grant, 2001, 1988, 1984; 2001;The Norwegian Art Council’s Equipment Grant,; 1983, Porsgrunn municpality, study trip; 1983,the Norwegian Printmakers’ Wamel Scholarship; 1982, the Norwegian Art Council’s Debut Grant.

Porsgrunn High School, 1994 – 2013; Bø High School, 1993; Skogmo High School, Skien, 1989 – 1900; Course Instructor in Printmaking, Telemark County Council, 1989, Telemark County’s Summer Art Course for Young People, 1989 -1993. Workshops for children and adults: The Norwegian Painters Society, Oslo; Telemark Art Centre, Porsgrunn and in own studio.

The Norwegian Painters Society (LNM) Oslo; Norwegian Printmakers, (NG); The Norwegian Drawing Society, (TF); The Norwegian Artists Society, (NBK) and Telemark Artists (BiT).