Marilyn A. Owens


(Updated 1. June 2017)


Visual artist

Born: Durham, England, 1950
Private Address: Trosvikvegen 61, 3950 Brevik, Norway.
Mobile: 91 57 43 05

Oslo University, Norway. B.A. in History of Art, History and English 1989 - 1995
Newcastle University, England, PGCE Art Education. 1977 – 1978
Sunderland University, England, B.A.hons. in Fine Art. 1968 – 1972

Public Collections (a selection):
The National Gallery, Oslo; The National Museum of Contemporary Art; The Norwegian Art Council; Skien Municipality; Telemark County; Sør-Trøndelag County; Troms County; Porsgrunn Municipality.

Private Collections (a selection):

Furuholmen Invest A/S; Oslo; Hydro Factories, Porsgrunn; Statoil, Gulfaks A/ Gullfaks B.

Public Commissions:
Fagerli Family Centre, Larvik, foil on glass, 2015-16; Bø Geriatric Hospital, Telemark, six oil paintings and foil on glass, 2014-15; Skien Sports and Leisure Centre, Skien, foil on glass, 2012, 2008; Bakkane Geriatric Hospital, Skien, 2 paintings and foil design on glass , 2006-07;Tveten Secondary School (floor design), Porsgrunn, 2002; Kragerø High School, Kragerø, 1993; Bamble High School, Bamble, 1986; Telemark County Psychiatric Hospital (painting) 2003, (prints) 1993.

Solo Exhibitions / Art Projects:
Up and coming,
2017, “Island Hopping, Brevik”, Oransje, Brevik. (Sept/October).

2017, “Route M1”, oil and pen sketches, Gallery Hi10, Spriten Kunsthall, Skien.
2016, “Horizons”, A landscape project, photos and paintings together with artist Anne Stabell, Telemark Art Centre. 2015,”Markers of Time”, Soo Visual Art Centre, Minneapolis, USA.Study trip, Minneapolis, USA 2015;  “Memento mori”, prints and stone installation, Spriten Kunsthall 2015; “Grenland`s Roses”, Telemark Art Centre, 2011;“After Technology” with Atle Selnes Nielsen, Porsgrunn Public Art Gallery 2011; “Lost in Landscape”, Gallery LNM, Oslo, 2010; Telemark Art Centre, Skien, 2009; Gallery HKR, Hamar, 2008; Gallery BOA, Oslo,2007; Gallery Oksen, Porsgrunn, 2006; Skien Public Art Gallery 2003; The Northern Norwegian Art Centre, Lofoten, 2002; Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen, 2002; Norwegian Printmakers, Oslo, 2002; Elg Gallery, Tynset, 2001; Telemark Art Centre, 2001; Goethe Institute, Oslo, 1989; Norwegian Printmakers, Oslo, 1989; Elg Gallery, Tynset, 1989; Skien Public Art Gallery, 1988; Gallery Bi-Z, Kristiansand, 1983; Tromsø Public Art Gallery, 1983; Arendal Public Art Gallery, 1983; Asker Public Art Gallery, 1983; Grimstad Public Art Gallery, 1983; Farsund Public Art Gallery, 1983; Gallery Henrik, Eidsvoll 1983; The Young Artists’ Society, Oslo, 1982; Gallery B, Porsgrunn, 1982.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2018, Invited to the 9th International Printmaking Biennale in Douro, Portugal. 2017, 3rd Global Print 2017, Douro, Portugal. 2017, Annual exhibition, Telemark Art Centre. 2017, The Jomfruland Exhibition. Kragerø, Telemark.The Annual Bursary Exhibition at Telemark Art Centre, Skien; 2015,-14,-13,-12; The Regional Exhibition for Southern Norway; 2014, -13, -12, 08, 07, 06, 04, 03, 02,01, 1990, 89, 88, 84,83,82; The Jomfruland Exhibition, Kragerø, 2012; “Kunstvisitten”, Akershus kunstnersenter 2012; 40/40, The Stenersen Museum, Oslo, 2008; The Annual National Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 2009,2008,2005,1991,1986, 1985; The Regional Exhibition for Northern Norway, 2001,1998,1981; “In Honour of Henrik Ibsen”, Skien Public Art Gallery, 2003; “Posh-Art”, Porsgrunn Public Art Gallery, 2002; “North Art 2001”, Budelsdorf, Tyskland; “Global Art in Norway”, The International Culture Centre and Museum, Oslo, 1999;”Treasure Chest”, Telemark Art Centre 1998; “Eros”, Vestfold Art centre, 1998, “Mølje”, Porsgrunn Public Art Gallery, 1991; “My Latest Print”, gallery F15, Jeløya, 1991; Zeist Castle, Nederland, 1990, 1982;”Textiles and Drawing”, Telemark Art Centre, Porsgrunn, 1989; 1V Premo de Grabado Maximos, Ramos, Spania, 1987; The Nordic Printmakers’ Union, Travelling Exhibition in Norway, Finland and Denmark; “Concerning Prints”, Telemark Art Centre, Porsgrunn, 1986; The 4th. International Biennale, Lodz, Poland, 1985, Sharjah Dept. of Culture, The United Arab Emirates, 1984; “8 Norwegian Female Printmakers”, Hasselby Castle, Stockholm, Sweden, 1984;”Pictures and Poetry”, The Norwegian Printmakers’ Gallery, Oslo, 1983; “Sport and Art”, Gallery Aktuell Kunst, Oslo, 1983; “15 International”, Holsterbro Art Centre, Denmark, 1982; “ Women about Women”, The Norwegian Printmakers’ Gallery, Oslo 1982; “Landscape”, The Norwegian State’s Travelling Exhibition, 1982; Trondheim Public Art Gallery, 1976; “Figurative Art North”, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, England, 1972.

Bursaries, Scholarships and Grants:
2015, 2013 and 2012,Study trip grants awarded at the Annual Bursary Exhibition, Telemark Art Centre, Skien;, 2015, 1-year annual support from The Association of Norwegian Artists; 2012, 1-year annual support from the Association of Norwegian Artists; 2009 -2011,The Norwegian State 3 year annual support; 2006, 2005, 2003, 1990, support from the Association of Norwegian Visual Artists,; 2003,1982, Telemark County Council; 2004, The Harriet Backer Award; 2014, 2010, 2006, 2002 and 1999 the Norwegian Art Council’s Exhibition Grant,; The Norwegian Printmakers grant. 2002 and 1989; The Norwegian State Artists’ Materials Grant, 2001, 1988, 1984; 2001;The Norwegian Art Council’s Equipment Grant,; 1983, Porsgrunn municpality, study trip; 1983,the Norwegian Printmakers’ Wamel Scholarship; 1982, the Norwegian Art Council’s Debut Grant.

Porsgrunn High School, 1994 – 2013; Bø High School, 1993; Skogmo High School, Skien, 1989 – 1900; Course Instructor in Printmaking, Telemark County Council, 1989, Telemark County’s Summer Art Course for Young People, 1989 -1993. Workshops for children and adults: The Norwegian Painters Society, Oslo; Telemark Art Centre, Porsgrunn and in own studio.

The Norwegian Painters Society (LNM) Oslo; Norwegian Printmakers, (NG); The Norwegian Drawing Society, (TF); The Norwegian Artists Society, (NBK) and Telemark Artists (BiT).